My name is Chris and it's super awesome to meet you.

You know, it’s kinda funny writing your own bio for your own website. I’ve done a lot of life, worked on a lot of great projects… but I’m not so sure if I should sound super professional, or just sound like me. But, here goes…

I currently reside in Sydney, Australia but I’m originally from Melbourne. I entered the creative field straight out of University, where I started at a small digital agency called Citrus. I grew and developed my skills, working my way up from Junior designer, all the way to Art Director over a space of around 5 1/2 years.

I loved Citrus, and for a small agency, we worked on a heap of amazing clients. Brands like Sportsgirl, Adidas, Sofitel, Grill’d and a heap more. Unfortunately Citrus is no longer around, but it’s a time in my life I will always treasure, and a place where I really developed my skills as a young, wide-eyed creative.

From there I moved over to FCB (then known as DraftFCB) which are a huge global full service agency. And by huge I mean, at the time, FCB boasted over 180 offices around the world. My role was the digital Creative Director for our Australian client base, and over that time we worked on some big brands including Honda, Lindt, Oreo, FIFA, Kraft / Nat Foods and many more.

After two and a bit years, I then moved shop over to Amnesia Razorfish as a Senior Art Director. Razorfish was an upcoming agency at the time with some big brands on it’s belt including Samsung, Qantas, Australia Post and more.

Over my 12+ years (at the time) in agency land, I really grew as a creative, and had the pleasure of working on some huge global brands and projects.

I then tried my hand at freelance work and started my own small business Lazwah Creative, where I began focusing on nightclubs and music festivals.

Probably not the best idea, because during this time my life took a pretty dark turn and I wound up heavily addicted to drugs (I know, probably not the bio you were planning to read… if you’re thinking of working with me, it gets better!).

I spent years in addiction, and really lost everything. It’s hard to put in to words how dark a time in my life that truly was, but ultimately there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

I wound up in rehab (wow, I know – am I terrible at writing bios or what?!) – gave my life to Jesus and completely turned my life around. After years (and years… and years) of addiction, I have been clean since 2017.

I drew a line in the sand, and ultimately made a promise to myself that I’d never go back to that lifestyle. And I haven’t, and for that I am pretty proud of myself. Drugs are a road to nowhere, so if you’re struggling with addiction and you’ve stumbled across this page reading this – take it from me, get rid of the stuff.

From there, I went to Bible College (coz I wanted to study the Bible… bit of a change of pace hey?) and that pretty much brings me to now…

I currently work as the Art Director for Hillsong Church. I predominantly work on all of our church campaigns, both locally and globally. I also work on our Conference creative and album artwork for our various bands – amongst many, many other things. Hillsong Church is pretty massive, so for a small team, we get a lot (a lot) done.

I love what I do. Like… I love it. I love the community aspect of working for a church, but I also love who I do it for.

Since turning my life around, I have also gone on to marry the girl of my dreams, buy a beautiful home in Sydney’s Hills and my wife and I are expecting our first baby boy due in November 2022.

Whilst my life may have taken a few steps backwards, it has since taken many leaps forwards and I am pretty content knowing my life is whole, complete and I get to use my creative gifts to help introduce other people to Jesus. For that, I am super grateful.

Thanks for reading!

Art Director at Hillsong Church.

Working across seasonal campaigns, conferences, music releases and more for our global church.


Freelance Creative at Lazwah Creative.

Predominantly focusing on music festivals, bars, clubs and hospitality.


Senior Art Director at Razorfish.

Clients included Samsung, Qantas, Australia Post, L’Oreal and more.


Digital Creative Director at FCB.

Clients included Lindt, Honda, FIFA, Oreo, Kraft, Nat Foods and more.


Designer & Art Director at Citrus.

Clients included Sportsgirl, Ford, Grill’d, Harry Potter, Toys ‘R’ Us, Wittner, Witchery, Borders, CPA Australia and more.


Wanna hear more about my story? Well, here it is.